Lift a Low Mood

Use this Technique to Lift a Low Mood

Close your eyes and bring to mind a place where you felt really happy, peaceful and safe. This could be somewhere in your childhood, somewhere you visited on holiday or anywhere at all that engenders the above feelings. Allow your mind to be back there again feeling all those good feelings. Stay with it until you actually feel the sensations, if even a little.

Then remove the memory of the scene or situation and just feel the feeling. Find the place in your body where the feeling is centred, then let it expand until it fills you. If you’re very visual, it might help if you give the feeling a colour—a warm one, like gold or pink. Or you might work with the breath, breathing into the feeling and letting it expand on the exhalation.

Then press your index finger and thumb together while still enjoying the feelings.

Stay with these feelings. The finger gesture helps to anchor them in your body. Repeat a few more times. Then, any time you feel in a low mood, simply use the finger gesture and the good feelings will return.

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