My great joy in life is having the privilege to work with people in helping them to discover their own greatness. I truly believe that deep within us all is a well of goodness and every single resource we need to have happy and fulfilling lives. I like to think of myself as someone who helps people liberate themselves from old ways of thinking and acting – ways which stifled their creativity and made them prisoners of their own minds

I chose teaching as a career and worked in main-stream education, many years at senior management level.  My own journey began in my early twenties when I discovered Yoga. I found it an amazing way to help me feel more energised and yet calm and focused.  Later when I married, worked full time and had three young children all my Yoga teachings were put to good use! Many years later I trained as a Yoga teacher and also, because of the high levels of stress in the teaching profession, became very interested in the whole idea of being able to help people effectively manage stress in the work place. While I was reading for my Masters in Education degree I did extensive research into stress in teaching and this prompted me to train as a Stress Management tutor.

In 2001 I left teaching to fulfil a life-long dream of working directly with adults.  Since then I have been on a quest to find more and more ways to help us all truly embrace our one unique and glorious life and live it with courage and confidence. I am an accredited teacher of the philosophy of Louise Hay – a system of personal and spiritual development which has helped millions of people world-wide live happier, healthier lives. Using my professional qualifications in Havening, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, N.L.P., E.F.T. and Stress Management, I run a private clinic in South Belfast as well as leading courses and workshops in the statutory, private and public sectors. In 2004 in conjunction with Sonia Longridge of Positive Life Changes I created Well-being at Work which delivers training in all aspects of well-being to staff in schools and to the private, community and voluntary sectors.

I have been fortunate in my life to have benefited from the teachings of a wide range of traditions but the most prevailing influence on me has been A Course in Miracles.  I am so grateful for how this amazing work has brought me to a deep connection with myself, others and the world. It continues to remind me that inner peace and happiness are not just dreams to be realised by a few lucky individuals but are the birthright of everyone.