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The most important relationship is your relationship with yourself.  From that stems the quality of your relationship with others and the world.  Loving yourself has nothing to do with arrogance or selfishness.  Arrogance is really a mask which hides deep insecurities and selfishness is born from a fear of not having enough.  Loving ourselves however, connects us with our own deepest essence, the springboard for genuine self-confidence.




Track 2

Using hypnotic trance journey back to that time and place where you knew, beyond conscious knowing, that you were perfect, loved and safe and allow this experience to transform every aspect of your daily life.

Track 3

Begin to erase the old worn out negative tapes in your mind by reprogramming it with these powerful affirmations.  This track can be listened to at any time.  If you are travelling it is a wonderful companion for your journey.

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