Meditations for Health & Healing

From a place of deep relaxation, you will allow feelings of love and appreciation for yourself to flow through your whole body.

Love and appreciation are very powerful forces which produce healing energy for our minds and bodies. You can be confident that as you focus on these feelings you will be raising the body’s vibration and activating the free flow of your own healing bio chemicals.

So whether you are already in good health and want to maintain it, or you are experiencing a health challenge this CD is for you.

Track 1


Track 2

Allow Teresa’s soothing voice to take you on a gentle journey of appreciation through your body, bringing you to a state of deep relaxation from where you can direct healing energy to any part.

Track 3

Discover the love that lies at your own inner centre and let its transforming power bring you to feelings of bliss and ease which restore, rejuvenate and heal.

£11.99 (inc.p&p)