Effortless Living Workshop

Effortless Living Workshops 

In today’s busy world we sometimes feel totally overwhelmed by all the pressures and stresses that assault us on a daily basis.  Our minds become cluttered and over-stimulated and our bodies tense and fatigued.

In this powerful workshop you can access skills (easily learned by anyone) to help you take control of your own mind and emotions, freeing yourself from needless worry and increasing your health and vitality

What you will Learn: 

Breathing practices which will restore calm and increase energy.  

Relaxation exercises you can use anywhere, any time. 

Techniques to promote better sleep.   

A very simple meditation technique to help you de-clutter your mind and gain more clarity.

Ways to handle negative emotions.  

Mindfulness to help you stay focused in the present.  

Mental “house clearing” to rid yourself of limiting beliefs.

Confidence boosters to help you deal with challenging situations.  

The complete  workshop or elements of it can be delivered in your organisation on a half-day or full-day basis.