Havening Techniques


Neuroscience for a better life

What is Havening?

Havening is a transitive verb from the word “haven” and means to put in a safe place. It was created by neuroscientist and medical doctor Ronald Ruden who discovered the ways in which traumatic memories get encoded in the brain and precisely where this happens.  Ruden then worked out how to remove the emotional and distressful symptoms from the memory or trauma. Havening switches off the signals from the brain that cause emotional and physical distress. The therapy is a fast, gentle, simple and safe treatment for PTSD, traumatic memories, phobias, addictions, anxiety, stress and other negative emotional conditions.  It is also side-effect free.

Once the negative emotional content has been removed Havening can also be used to enhance well-being and resilience, thus freeing the person to live their best life.

There have been thousands of completed case studies world wide and published research on the benefits of Havening from King’s College, London.

How is the therapy delivered?

You will be glad to hear it does not require surgery or long hours in psychotherapy!
Havening is a psycho-sensory therapy which means it uses pleasant psychological distraction techniques and relaxing touch on hands, face and arms which is applied by the therapist or if desired by the client. The treatment is very calming, comforting and relaxing.  Powerful healing results can often be achieved within minutes and can last a lifetime.

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