Life Coaching

Life Coaching 

Taking you from where you are to where you want to be! 

How would it be if there was someone in your life to encourage you, support you and offer you a set of tools which could totally transform the way you feel about yourself?

This is what life coaching can offer you!

We all have within us what it takes to achieve our dreams but sadly most

people don’t fulfil even a fraction of their potential because they allow fear and self-doubt to hold them back. 

What happens in a life coaching session? 

A session usually lasts about an hour.

During the coaching relationship I will help you to clarify what you really want, identify and remove the blocks that have been holding you back and help you start taking steps in your new direction.

You will leave each session with a clear action plan for moving forward.  

At all times YOU are in charge. 

Sessions can take place face to face in my studio in South Belfast or on the phone. 

You will be amazed at the clarity that comes from having a focused

conversation with someone who has only your best interests in mind.

You will realise how empowering it is to be challenged  to go beyond where you would go yourself.

Life coaching can help you if: 

    You want a change in direction.
    You are tired feeling stuck.
    You want increased fulfilment and meaning in life.
    You want to shift from thinking about challenges to taking positive action.
    You want better clarity and focus about what you want in  your life.
    You want to increase your confidence.
    You want to be able to handle stress better.
    You want to improve your relationships.
    You want to increase your income.
    You want to set priorities so that there is more time for you and the people you care about.�

Success and happiness are not accidents that happen to some

people. They are created by specific ways of thinking and acting – 

ways life coaching can teach you.

The following workshops / courses have been delivered to a wide variety of groups including Regional Training Unit, North Eastern Education Board, Women’s Groups, Voluntary and Community sectors and staff of Nursery, Primary and Post Primary schools across N. Ireland.