Louise Hay Workshops

As an accredited facilitator of Louise Hay workshops I offer courses at regular intervals through the year.   

This workshop is based on Louise Hay’s best selling book; “You Can Heal Your Life” which has helped people all over the world to make positive changes in their lives. 

Louise Hay’s Philosophy:

Self acceptance and self approval in the now are the keys to positive change;

Every thought we think is creating our future;

Everyone is dealing with the damaging patterns of resentment, criticism, guilt and self-hatred;

These patterns are only thoughts and thoughts can be changed;

We need to forgive the past and release everyone including ourselves

Our point of power is always the present moment.

What can I expect from these workshops?

In a very gentle and totally supportive setting you will deepen your understanding of how your own thinking processes have been holding you back.

You will have more clarity about what you want in life and learn how to get it.

You will understand the immense power within you just waiting to be released.

You will connect more fully with your own beautiful essence and appreciate the unique and wonderful person that you are

You will begin to understand that change doesn’t have to be hard! (and much more!)

Comments from past participants:

“The workshop has set me off in a totally new pathway.”

“Made me feel special and much more accepting of myself.”

“In one day you have given me a new perspective on life.”

“You created a wonderful atmosphere and sense of security among strangers”