Pampering Days

You deserve a day to:

  • refresh your body
  • relax your mind
  • soothe your soul!

Teresa and Sonia have pooled their talents and wide  experience to bring to you an

unforgettable day. They invite you to make time for yourself and enjoy this unique pampering  experience in the comfort of Sonia’s own home.

These are the treats in store for you:

    Papmpering dayAn intimate group of not more than eight people.
    A mini Indian head massage.
    A session on the Chi machine.
    An inspirational talk on the 10 keys to super health and vitality.
    An opportunity to enjoy a delicious healthy lunch and a home-made “smoothie” break.
    An oh so soothing session of relaxation techniques.
    An opportunity to learn ways to super boost your confidence by truly cherishing
    Some tips on how to stop worrying and start living!
    A relaxed setting at Sonia’s home (29 Castleview Cottage Gardens. Belfast)�

Loving ourselves has nothing to do with arrogance or selfishness.

Arrogance is really a mask which hides deep insecurities and

selfishness is a fear of not having enough.

Loving ourselves on the other hand is having a deep sense of compassion and understanding for ourselves “warts” and all.

When we can fully accept ourselves just as we are something wonderful

happens.  We are able to accept others too, just as they are.  We drop our judgements.  We can be a true friend to others and ourselves.  Then we have something very special to offer the world!

Teresa Mc Bride

Comments from past participants

“A truly lovely, memorable day.”

“Everyone deserves a day like this.”

“I loved the rich variety—beautiful food, hands-on therapy, and very

practical tips for living life to the full.”

“Sonia and Teresa created such a warm, positive, supportive environment.

“I came here feeling stressed.  I’m leaving feeling a different person.”

Pampering Days can also be delivered at alternative venues to match the requirements of your organisation.