Wellbeing at Work Courses

Well-being at Work 

Strategies for maximising

well-being and energy in the workplace 

This very popular workshop is delivered in partnership with Sonia Longridge, nutritionist and life-style coach, of Positive Life Changes.

One of the challenges we all face is to maintain high energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude in a fast changing world.

This very popular workshop provides a holistic approach to managing stress and increasing health and well-being, through a wide variety of effective mind/body strategies. 

Why are these courses needed?

It is widely recognised that stress is a major contributing factor to poor health, absenteeism, reduced productivity and low morale.  These courses aim to make a significant contribution to the promotion of long-term health and well-being. 

Who are these courses aimed at?

These courses have been designed to meet the needs of employees within the corporate, private, statutory and voluntary sectors.  However, they are also relevant to all people who are interested in enhancing the quality of their lives.

Course Content 

Food for Health

The link between poor diet and stress is not always appreciated.  This session will enable participants to learn about health-giving and health-stealing foods.  They will be empowered to make dietary changes and to use detoxifying techniques that will promote higher energy and stress resilience.

Relaxation Techniques

In this segment participants will learn, breathing practices and relaxation techniques in order to begin to experience more ease, calmness and focus in their lives. 

Life-work Balance

Knowing what is important in your life is vital in determining your life/work balance.  Participants will identify their life/work values and complete their personal “Wheel of Life” to determine areas of imbalance. 

Emotional Well-being

Suppressing, denying or inappropriately expressing emotions leads to ill health and needless problems in personal and professional lives.  We teach a simple technique for managing emotions which will bring a sense of clarity, purpose and energy. 

Creative Use of Mind

Our mind is a tool which we can use to support us or inhibit us.  We will teach how to recognise thinking patterns and limiting beliefs in order to make positive changes and achieve desired outcomes 

We offer a range of flexible options for the delivery of this material 

      1 day course

      2 day course

      3 hour workshop

      6 x 11/2  hours weekly 

However, courses can be customised to meet the client’s needs. 

This course has been delivered very successfully to bodies such as The Regional Training Unit, North Eastern Education Board and to staff in nursery, primary and post primary schools across Northern Ireland.