I want to write to you and thank you so much for your Havening treatment that you gave me. Since my treatment I have felt so at peace, content, loved and so happy. It definitely worked for me.

Terri F. Co. Down

Teresa is a highly skilled and experienced leader in the field of personal development. I had the enormous pleasure of attending one of her courses recently and Teresa led the evenings with sensitivity, graciousness and humour. Teresa has a wonderful way of making everyone feel important and values every contribution. Her gentle manner combined with her intuition, wide knowledge and spiritual insight made all of us feel enriched and nourished by the experience. It says much about her approach that at the end we were all asking for more.

Betty Quinn, Belfast

I found Teresa a wonderful teacher, mentor and facilitator. Her course was organised in such a way to allow flexibility, and self expression while providing a good strong structure and clear direction . In a charming , positive and often humorous way Teresa made us all totally comfortable in ourselves and with each other. Using her extensive expertise, insights, knowledge  as well as positive , constructive and practical methods she engaged us all in personal growth .She guided us effortlessly through a programme , rooted firmly in established sources and concepts, which focused on our well being as a whole person, from both an individual and a wider perspective. Teresa’s love and interest in helping others to inner peace, fostering a sense of self worth and developing a creative framework for the fusion of mind, body and spirit is central to her work and core to her exciting course/s.

M. Mc Allister, Belfast

I found the workshop a great help, such a lovely day.  Karen, Belfast.

My Mum and I had a truly wonderful day at your Louise Hay workshop. Your teaching was so enlightening and inspirational. A most enjoyable day spent with like minded people, may there be many more days like that.”
N. Orr. Belfast.

You have an amazing gift, Teresa and I am always inspired by you. I would love others to get even a little of what I get.

J. Kerr.   Belfast

“An inspirational workshop….attended by like-minded people…..instructed by a very “special” person!
Thanks Teresa.  H.F.

I have attended several of Teresa’s workshops and have found them all to be very well thought out, full of valuable, sound advice and extremely enjoyable.  I am always delighted to hear of any new courses or CDs Teresa has to offer and unhesitatingly sign up for them and am never disappointed.  I highly recommend them to my friends and to anyone who is looking to make changes in their life.  You will come away revitalised, relaxed and armed with lots of useful strategies to use in your future life.’   S. Cullen.  Belfast.

” Thank you so much for the brilliant course on healing yourself.  The venue at Belmont Tower was perfect and it was lovely to meet and bond with others.  Most of all though, thanks to you for creating a warm and non-judgemental environment – it was wonderful to have time just for me.  I have come away with lots of food for thought and have already put in place some steps to evoke positive change in my life. “
L. Thompson, Co Down, N.I.

“As a regular attendee at your workshops, I just wanted to let you know just how much I have been inspired and encouraged by the many wonderful workshops that you have run over the years.  I have found your warmth, genuineness and sincerity to have been particularly inspirational for me.”  M. Boyle, Newcastle  Aug. 2010

“Listening to Teresa’s CD is better than any G.P.’s perscription for a good night’s sleep.” A. Caldwell, Belfast

“Teresa’s soothing, comforting voice makes me feel so safe that I can enter a very deep state of relaxation.” M. Dodge, Oxford

“The workshop has set me off in a totally new pathway.”

“Made me feel special and much more accepting of myself.”

“In one day you have given me a new perspective on life.”

“You created a wonderful atmosphere and sense of security among strangers”